Fast uploading artifacts to Bintray

If you have bintray account and you want to publish artifacts into it, simply add this code to your project.

// it's important to put this on top of your
plugins {
	id "com.jfrog.bintray" version "1.7.3"

// ...

ext {
	bintrayConfig = [
			// map of parameters that are described below
apply from: ""

Below I’ve put parameters to configure artifact publishing

Parameter Name Required? Default Type Example
user false bintrayUser from project or BINTRAY_USER from env String magx2
key false bintrayKey from project or BINTRAY_KEY from env String 3ea11156f5c80g752dfc701ab35213225gdf0e59
publications false [‘BintrayProjectPublication’] List<String> [‘BintrayProjectPublication’]
repo true N/A String bigboy
groupId false from java plugin String pl.grzeslowski
name false String jSupla
userOrg true N/A String bigboy
desc false project.description String This is my test project
websiteUrl true N/A String
issueTrackerUrl true N/A String
vcsUrl true N/A String
licenses true N/A String ‘MIT’
labels false [] String [‘Supla’, ‘IoT’]
publicDownloadNumbers false true List<String> true
githubRepo true N/A String magx2/jSupla
githubReleaseNotesFile false String
versionName false project.version from java plugin. Note: -SNAPSHOT suffix will be removed String 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
versionVcsTag false "v" + versionName String v1.0.0
passphrase false ${}Passphrase String DYnn7gUh6pjFRwE3RZw4


bintrayConfig = [
		repo           : "bigboy",
		userOrg        : "big-boy",
		websiteUrl     : "",
		issueTrackerUrl: "",
		vcsUrl         : "",
		licenses       : ['MIT'],
		labels         : ['Supla', "ioT"],
		githubRepo     : "magx2/jSupla",

Last but not least: run ./gradle2 clean bintrayUpload

Written on October 27, 2017